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What is GPRS?

Launched in September of 2009, GPRS or Global Pinoy Remittance and Services Inc. is a company engaged in the remittance and consumer services industry duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). GPRS services are Remittance, Bills payment, Ticketing and loading. And soon Courier, Money Changer and Pawnshop is about to be included. GPRS is a business for all season, with a minimal investment, with ready market, easy to operate and assured income. GPRS is continuously growing. Due to GPRS marketing excellence and product development, GPRS will truly leverage.

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How to become GPRS franchisee?

Anyone can be a Franchisee. Simply follow the steps.

Application Stage

  1. Fill up completely the franchisee information sheet (provided by Franchise and Marketing Dept. only)
  2. Understand of the qualifications and standards needed to be considered in applying.
  3. Attend initial Franchise Presentation. (no schedule, no presentation)

Pre- Approval Stage: Submission of Tangible Requirements

  1. Submit General Requirements to the Franchise Relation Officer
  • Letter of Intent (a written letter stating the reason of getting GPRS franchise, your idea of what a franchising business is, business background, and how will you manage the business.
  • Completely filled up Franchise Information Sheet.
  • Picture of proposed site. (right, left, and front angles)
  • Location or Vicinity map of the proposed site.
  • Specific requirements if the applicant is a:
    • Private Individual/Sole proprietorship
    • Corporation
    • Cooperative

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What are the requirements for applying as GPRS franchisee?

Procedure in Applying for GPRS Franchise

Private Individual/ Sole Proprietorship
  • Certified true copy of Business/Mayor’s Permit
  • Certified true copy of DTI Registration of business name
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • Photocopy of any proof of billing (latest 6 months)
  • Photocopy of Bank statement (latest 3 months)
  • Photocopy of 2 government recognized I.D
  • 2 pcs passport size picture
  • Certificate of Registration of BIR
  • Certified true copy of Business/Mayor’s Permit
  • Security of Exchange Commission Registration (SEC)
  • Secretary Certificate
  • Articles of Incorporation By-Laws
  • List of Incorporators with specimen signatures
  • 2 pcs passport size picture
  • Certificate of Registration of BIR
  • Certified true copy of Business/Mayor’s Permit
  • CDA Certificate of Good Standing
  • Securities and Exchange Commision Registration (SEC)
  • Cooperative By-Laws
  • 2 pcs passport size picture
  • Photocopy of 2 government recognized ID
  • Certificate of Registration of BIR
Note: All requirements should be handed to GPRS corporate office to be facilitated by Franchise Operations Group prior to the outlet grand opening.
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Will I have exclusive terittory?

We have parameters of 500 meters (diameter) away to the existing GPRS outlet.

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How do I start the whole process?

  1. Franchise Info. Sheet
  2. Understand the qualification & Standard
  3. Attend GPRS Franchise Presentation
  4. Letter of Intent, Filled up FIS, picture of the proposed site, location map & specific requirements
  5. Settlement of payment for CI/BI
  6. BI/CI Result Notification
  7. Notification of Approval Application
  8. Settlement of Franchise Investment
  9. AMLA Seminar
  10. Signing of Documents
  11. Orientation & Training
  12. Installation of signage
  13. Request & Release of Remittance, Loading Account
  14. Instruction to register the remittance & loading account
  15. Request & Release of inclusions & marketing collaterals
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Received Awards

Business Excellence Award

Outstanding Remittance and Consumer Services Business Opportunity Company

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Fast, Secured and Convenient bills payment solutions, manage your entire bills payment process online.


Fast and secured money transfer around the world to reach out overseas working for their love ones.


Booking services for Domestic and International flights, convenient and easy transanction in all branches.


Unified and traditional loading using webtool, regular load, special load, game cards and prepaid cards.

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